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Welcome to dcmwebdesign.ca

This website is coded with HTML5 and CSS3, the new technologies that will govern web design for the next while.

This site should show rounded corners, rounded buttons and a shadow behind the header, footer, and navigation buttons.  If you don't see the shadow or rounded corners, upgrade your browser to the latest Firefox.

What makes a fast loading, easy to use website?

  • A "not busy" webpage. And a page without Flash. With a slower connection, a busy page takes forever to open. In addition Apple IOS does not accept flash. In my mind this was Steve Jobs best descision. Flash is a computer resource grabber that slows down a computer. I never use Flash, unless there is no other alternative.
  • Navigation buttons that are created using text rather than images. Images take time to load. Text is almost instanteous. The buttons on this site are coded with text only.
  • Coding with text also lets Google translator tranlate the buttons. You can read this site in any language because the buttons are not images. Google translator cannot translate text on images
  • Pictures optimized for the web at 72 or 96 dpi.
  • Minimum words, maximum impact.
  • Updated 2017-02-07 10:45
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